Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I do not like Frankenfood.

I don't mind substituting a few things, but I can't stand eating Frankenfood.  As defined by Hubby, Frankenfood is a food that is supposed to look and taste like a food that it's not.  For example: tofu balogna.

Hubby and I can't stand Frankenfood. I don't want food that's pretending to be something it's not (I'm the same with people, btw).  If I want a burger, I want a burger and that's just all there is to it.  Don't give me a Tofu burger.  It just doesn't taste right and it won't cure my craving for a burger.

Since my diagnosis of Diabetes, I've had people offer me all sorts of Frankenfood.  Cauliflower mash vs. mashed potatoes, egg crust vs. bread crust for pizza, spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti etc...  Have you tried spaghetti sauce on squash?  Yuck!  

Every time I try a Frankenfood, I am sadly disappointed.  I know the people who suggest these things are well-meaning.  They don't want me to give up my favorite foods. What they don't realize is that I'm not giving up anything. I'm just reducing the quantity I eat and finding new things I like.  Just because I'm diabetic, doesn't mean I'll starve.

Instead of eating Frankenfood, I WILL make simple substitutions.  I'll use whole grain pasta, corn tortillas and corn starch instead of white flour products and I'll happily eat smaller portions.  I'd rather do that than eat food that tastes nothing like what it's trying to be.  

I also look for dishes that make sense.  The zucchini pizza bites I posted on this blog make sense.  Zucchini and marinara go well together.  Why not add pizza toppings?  I've been known to make ground chicken tacos instead of using beef.  Chicken tacos are a real thing and they taste good.  I really enjoy Parmesan crusted food and it's way lower in carb than regular breading (usually 50% lower).  I'm even willing to skip the mashed potatoes if there is a delicious side dish made with some great veggies.

 I accept that some people actually like Frankenfoods.  Do you?  If so, chow down and enjoy.

What are your favorite substitutions? 


  1. One of my favorite substitutions is Zucchini noodles. Basically, Zucchini cut in thin strips and used as noodles instead of pasta. Also love spaghetti squash for that purpose.

    OOOO! And I love Avocado Chocolate Pudding... I know I know - it sounds awful - but it's fabulous! Basically, Avocado, your favorite milk, a bit of dark chocolate, sweetener if you like (I personally leave it out), cinnamon, maybe a little vanilla - whir it all in a food processor, enjoy! The avocado gives this dish a smooth, silky consistency, and you can't even taste it. All you taste is divine, rich chocolate.

    1. I haven't tried the zucchini noodles and I really want to given I like zucchini as a crust for pizza. However, I'm not a fan of the spaghetti squash substitute. It just doesn't taste right to me. As for the pudding...I really need a good food processor. I have a blender that doesn't really work well for things like that.

      I'll try most things once (unless it's tofu....I've had enough tofu substitutes. I can't stand any of them).

    2. Oh wow! Zucchini Pizza Crust?!? That sounds really good!

      My husband isn't a fan of the spaghetti squash either - he says the same thing!

    3. Hey Jenn, here's the recipe for the Zucchini Pizza Bites. Very tasty! http://www.thecomfortofcooking.com/2013/09/zucchini-pizza-bites.html This one I'll do.

    4. Oh excellent! Thanks for passing that along!