Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What happens when healthy food is in the house.

If it's winter where you live, I'm sure you've noticed that it's been an unusually harsh one in most areas of the USA.  Pre-diabetes diagnosis, there was cheese, bread, chips, cereal, mac & cheese, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, frozen hamburgers and frozen dinners.  I'm not a fan of frozen dinners so I didn't even eat those most of the time.  Only if I absolutely had to. Usually, I relied on Hubby to cook anything if we were snowbound.  

I had heard the predictions this September.  Then in December, when we had two snowfalls before Christmas, I was convinced that they were right!  So, after the holidays I decided to stock up on some foods.  I've been keeping eggs, spinach, cheese, lettuce, tomato, some sort of fruit and whole wheat bread in the house at all times.  I've also had a stashed freezer with easy to warm up frozen meats and veggies. 

Since I've been cooking for the last two years I find it funny that we actually have spices and canned veggies in the house all the time too.  What happens when all these healthy foods are in the house?  I find myself throwing together meals.  Hubby and I were debating on whether we needed to go to the grocery store for lunch food one day.  Suddenly, I started rattling off food we had in the house to use up (eggs, bread, spinach, frozen chicken, apples, tuna and cucumber).  First of all, two years ago...without looking, I wouldn't have had a clue what food was in the house!  What's even scarier is that I actually suggested what we could do with those ingredients (fried egg sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, baked apples, cucumber slices with tuna etc...).  Did we need to go to the grocery store?  Nope!  We had several days of lunches right there in the house.  Ones easy enough, I could quickly throw them together.  Eeeks!!  Did I just say that?!

So, the key to eating healthy is to have a stockpile of healthy foods in the house.  Noted!  Will do from now on.  What about you?  Do you stockpile healthy food, especially when the weather is bad?

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