Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snacks are the key to eating for Diabetes.

Eating the right amount of carbs per meal is important for staying on track with healthy eating for Diabetes.  What I notice is that snacks are the key.  Snacks are why I either do or do not make healthy choices.  Why?  Because if I eat snacks, then I'm not as hungry come meal time.  For some reason when I'm hungry going into a meal, I just can't say no to seconds, a big bowl of pasta or the fried fish.  When I'm eating out, I will order way more food than I need and most of it will not be healthy.  So, snacks ARE the key for me.

I must have snacks at home.  While I don't deprive myself of crunchie munchies, as previously mentioned on this blog, I do keep the house stocked with a variety of other snacks to go with them.  I almost always have fresh fruit carbs in the house (blueberries, lunchtime apples, grapes etc...).  There is always low to no-carb protein in the house too (cottage cheese, turkey, ham, cheese, frozen grilled chicken patties etc...).   My most favorite staple is eggs.  I also have some sort of non-starchy vegetable (veggie tray, baby carrots, snack sized cucumbers etc...).  

Having these things in the house allows me to eat based on how my day has gone.  If my numbers are little a high, I'll have veggies for a snack.  If they are low, then I'll have a crunchy munchy.  If I'm extra hungry during a 1 carb snack time, then I have extra protein and veggies I can throw in along with my carb so I can fill up.

I must have travel snacks.  For days when I know I'm not going to be home during snack times, I think ahead and make sure I have some travel snacks.  Raisins, diabetic snack bars, an insulated bag with veggies, wax wrapped cheese, turkey sausage sticks...these are all snacks I'll carry with me.  I've been known to carry a small cooler to make sure I have enough food for the day.  Again, if I don't have the food on me, then I'm likely to eat what's available and that usually isn't the best choice.  When the easy thing is healthy, then I usually choose healthy. 

I'm a fan of fresh made grocery store foods.  We have two stores near us that make foods fresh at the store and then you can take them home.  I love this idea!  I can get roasted chicken, gourmet veggies or ONE slice of pizza.  They even have fresh soups packaged up and ready for an afternoon snack.  Warm and go.  I've been known to buy high protein dips that are tasty with veggies.  I sometimes get thick cut turkey that the store makes for dinners.  I'll cut the turkey into little squares and make a snack out of it while watching tv.   Hubby and I even sometimes get these foods for lunches.  I had one cabbage roll for lunch one day.  It was tasty!!!  Paired with some veggies and yogurt, it was a very tasty lunch.  
Leftovers make great snacks too.  I've been known to make a taco salad for an afternoon snack with leftover taco meat from a dinner.  I also have been known to heat up dinner veggie leftovers.  When there's not enough for a meal, there's usually enough for a tasty snack.  These are some of the most filling and satisfying snacks I've had too.  They keep me out of trouble.    

In short, planning ahead and keeping healthy foods on hand keeps me on track.  What do you need to stay on track?


  1. I really like left over roasted Brussels sprouts. Lately I have been on a big clementine kick. Since nuts are back in my diet, unsalted, roasted almonds are good for a quick crunch. Have you tried Beanito chips? They're made from black beans and are really good with hummus or guacamole. My favorite lunch to fill up on is a salad of baby spinach, strawberries, black berries, feta cheese and chipotle raspberry chicken from the deli. It doesn't need dressing if the berries are ripe enough.

    1. I love Brussel Sprouts and roasted almonds as well. I looked at the Beanito chips and the carb count is kind of high. I really enjoy my Doritos, so I've chosen to stick with them for my crunchie munchie nacho treats. I do like black beans and make them frequently. They're great with a little tomato and corn.

  2. I had gestational diabetes with my daughter. Being a vegetarian made it really rough. I have been borderline for several years and have been able to keep it away, so far. Great article and tips.

    1. Yay for keeping the big D away, Amy!! Rice, Beans and Pasta are mainstays on a vegetarian diet, so I can see your challenge. Have you checked out recipes at ? They have some tasty low carb vegetarian recipes there. FYI - I've read a lot of articles that say eating vegetarian is actually really good for preventing and managing Diabetes. Obviously, you're seeing those results.